Lutheriden-Association e.V.

Lutheriden Association e.V.

We as Lutheriden are descendants of the reformer D. Martin Luther or his collateral relatives.

The crest of the Lutheriden 'Association is the Luther Rose. Here you will find more information!

The focus of our tasks consists of:

  • Retaining the spirit and meaning of Dr. Martin Luther in the public and beside his descendants as well as to maintain and keep alive with the active care of family relationships
  • Organization of family reunion
  • Publication of news and information about us and our ancestors in the family papers
  • Create and maintain a Luther Library in Zeitz

  • Genealogical research

Currently there are approximately 200 members, this number does not include the spouses or children.

In the future, we plan to publish family trees of different members.

A list of books and journals that are present in the Lutheriden Library in Zeitz, as well as previous family papers (as PDF) are also available from this site.

Familienblatt von 1957

The last 2~3 family papers are available in the member-area for members, only.

Online papers including announcements of birth, marriage and mortality, and may differs from originally published papers, caused by disagreeing of members.

Please request password and username by e-Mail.